April 11, 2011

Nat and Sasha meet Noel and Rachel

Kevin's brother Gavin is in town with his family and they held a baptism for their daughter Rachel this evening.

She's only a couple of months older than Sasha but looks more mature. I was busy setting up for an event at Hyatt tomorrow so I missed the baptism but managed to join them for dinner at Riverwalk Tandoor.

Sasha didn't want anyone to carry her once she saw me, Wendy had to follow me to the buffet line and help me carry my plate while I scooped food! I didn't eat much because everyone was already onto their dessert by the time I reached. I did have some freshly baked garlic naan, it was hot and crispy and hit the spot.

Nat and Gigi ran around the restaurant as if they owned it and Noel joined them. His eyes are still so big! Rachel reminds me of Pocohontas somehow, or maybe I'm thinking of Mowgli?

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