April 18, 2011

Red, red moon

There was a lovely sunset yesterday, couldn't resist taking some shots...have I mentioned I LOVE my balcony view? Nick would sell our house in an instant to make a quick buck but I am sentimentally attached to it, can't get a house this close to the city at the price we paid for it anymore, so I don't see any reason to move.

There was a lovely full moon tonight, maybe that explains why I saw so many wild animals today! In the morning as I was walking to the main road, I saw a squirrel skipping along the covered walkway. When I reached the junction at Kampong Bahru, I spotted a monkey crossing the road and subsequently climbing the railing towards SGH.

After work as I was walking to the UIC bus stop, I saw a giant grasshopper (or maybe it was a locust) on a hedge. It was about 5 inches long and stood out amongst the green.

When I alighted from the bus and walked in via the railway station, I saw another monkey! That's 2 in day at different times, though I don't discount the possibility that it was the same monkey from the morning, but the distance would be 1 km from the first sighting.

Check out the red moon as it was rising, Nat was super excited and called everyone to the window to look.

The reason it's commonly red at moonrise is because moonlight which is scattered sunlight, has to pass through a larger amount of atmosphere when it's near the horizon, and red light is less easily scattered thus giving it a red glow. There, learned something new didn't you? I did!

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