April 14, 2011

Sarkars in town

Samir and family are in town for an extended visit following Uncle Patel’s passing on 2 April and we had them over for dinner this evening.

Uncle Kalu seems to have aged, it’s been several years since we had seen him and he’s 74 now! Aunty Anjana has been busy grandmothering Sahana and Arjav, who are both very close in age to Gigi and Sasha.

Sahana is about a month younger than Gigi while Arjav is 6 weeks older than Sasha. It took a while for the kids to warm up to each other but they readily posed for photos and we were like the paparazzi snapping away.

Swana was amazed by the smallness of Jasmin’s diaper bag, all she carried was a milk bottle and 2 diapers I think. The kids share one bottle i.e. they each drink half of one feed!

With everyone preoccupied with the kids, it was tough to catch up properly. But Samir is doing well professionally, currently working on an Ang Lee film and his production company in India also does a lot of car ads. He’s attending the same screening festival in June that Tom Hanks will be in town for, coolness!

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