May 29, 2011

Vinoth remarries

Vinoth got hitched for the second time yesterday, after losing his first wife to a motorbike accident a few years ago. Today was an informal reception at Savannah CondoPark. His new wife Sophia is Filipino and very quiet!

Wendy was off and we fetched Aunty Susie from Tampines so good thing we had an extra pair of hands to help with the girls, who would run off in different directions!

I wore a matching dress with the girls and we were one of the early birds. Not long after, the various cousins made their appearance and the Spicy Girls ran riot at the poolside while Nick blew bubbles.

Midway, some of us went up to Aunty Gowrie’s brother’s house to cool-off. Actually it was just me chaperoning Gigi, Nat and Ananya along with Aunty Rosemary and Jordan Ling. We left once we observed the girls getting drowsy and they crashed almost as soon as they finished their milk.

Once home and while they napped, I whipped up dinner for me and Nick, rustling up a chicken and potato soup, stir fried French beans and teriyaki chicken. Not bad if I do so say so myself!

May 28, 2011

J is for...

…Joo Chiat.

Our alphabet dates took a couple of weeks hiatus while Pops and Ma recuperated from their minor stroke and pneumonia respectively. Then the kids were all sick with flu and bad coughs so ‘J’ was postponed further.

We finally made it out for a late lunch today, dumping the kids at 110 for their lunch and afternoon nap.

I had been meaning to try the food proper at Everything With Fries, so that’s where we went. While he waited for a parking lot, I bought some bak chang from Kim Choo’s and then proceeded to order on his behalf.

We shared a one-egg soup, he had a cheeseburger with straight-cut curry fries and I had the grilled pork chop with shoestring fries.

The soup was yummy, the deep fried egg white garnish adding extra texture and flavour to a creamy chicken soup that was nice enough on its own. And at $3.90, it’s a bargain compared to the instant soups you get at a lot of places these days.

Nick’s cheeseburger looked juicy and cost only $9.90, I had a bite and it sure seemed more value-for-money than some fast food burgers which can go up to $7 or $8 bucks using highly-processed meat. At least this you can tell it’s fresh.

It came with a side of coleslaw and I much preferred his fries over mine, there were even bits of deep-fried curry leaves.

My own pork chop was a massive piece of meat that had been chargrilled almost to perfection. I say ‘almost’ because there were bits of pink along the bone that I avoided eating and apparently that’s how they usually prepare it.

But Nick was insistent that the meat should be fully cooked and so although I had eaten about half my pork chop, the kind service staff offered to replace the whole dish. I told them they could just bring half or cook further my existing one but no, they gave me a whole new dish, with new fries and Caesar salad.

I was already pretty full, so Nick shared the chop. Again, another value-for-money meal at just $13.90. The pork was succulent, and I loved its smoky flavour.

Dessert was their popular mille crepe, layers and layers of crepe with fresh cream in between. It was a huge slice and I was the only one eating. Dense yet light at the same time because it wasn’t overly sweet.

Overall, we both enjoyed our meal there and I can’t wait to go again.

After lunch, we popped by to Ginny’s house to pass her a receipt for a claim and also sign some forms. Thereafter we made a quick trip to Leng Kee and Alexandra to check out MPVs. The COEs are ridiculously high so I doubt we will change cars but still, it was nice to look.

I had been bugging him to see the Zafira and I was impressed with the layout, at least the back row still had leg-space and our stroller could fit in the boot. But nah, I know he won’t buy lah!

We rushed back once we received word that the kids were up from their naps. After picking them up, it was off to the north for dinner with the in-laws. I asked Nick to drop me off at Mandai Crematorium so I could offer moral support to Puni. Met Vig there and the two of us observed from the back...our heart went out to Puni.

Back at AMK, there was DIY popiah for dinner and Wendy brought my Forever21 loot that we had ordered from the States. Everything fits, phew!

Bubbas go Botanics

Took the bubs out to Botanical Gardens this morning; no maid, just the 4 of us. Brought along some bread to feed the fish and Sasha was thrilled by the number of birds she saw. She kept pointing and going, ‘bird, bird.’

Spotted some unusual birds, like this small black one with red eyes I saw previously at Alexandra Hospital plus we also saw a hummingbird…cool!

Nick and Nat mucked around blowing bubbles while Sasha looked on. A few F-15s and F-16s flew overhead, Nat was scared but thrilled at the same time.

It was a hot day, we were barely there for an hour before rushing home to feed them their lunch.

May 27, 2011

Ai Mien, not much mien!

Had lunch with Juliana today to catch up and discuss our upcoming holidays, we overlap in the same city for a day but I doubt we will meet.

We checked out Ai Mien, a Chinese restaurant at Capital Tower. I had all along thought it was a noodle bar, but their range of noodle dishes was limited, it’s more a regular Chinese restaurant.

We shared a deep fried tofu coated in salted egg yolk (yum!) and I had a wanton mee soup. It came in an asymmetrical bowl and looked like my soup was going to spill any minute.

There was a fire drill at our building in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to scout for D&D d├ęcor with Phyllis.

Am kinda bummed I will miss the D&D after being ‘creative director’ plus cousin Alfred will be emceeing so it should be a real fun night. Phyllis and I went to Middle Road, Lavender and Chinatown, quite a productive trip.

On a sadder note, after we were done, I made my way to Sengkang to hitch a ride with Kannaki to attend Puni’s dad’s wake at Choa Chu Kang.

He passed away yesterday after suffering a massive stroke on Sunday. Sigh…my heart goes out to Puni and her family, she was pretty upset, understandably so. Times like these make you contemplate how fleeting life is and not to take family for granted, something I am constantly guilty of. Better do something about it.

Took the train home and Swana picked me up from Tiong Bahru MRT…yup, she passed her driving test this week and is now officially my second chauffeur!

May 21, 2011

The Perfect Pair Wedding

Chris finally tied the knot today after an 11-year courtship with Satheesh, and a day after her birthday.

Dubbed the Perfect Pair wedding with lots of pear elements, it was an outdoor affair at Fort Canning.

We were late though and missed the solemnization, bugger. While Nick scouted for a parking spot (there was a MacBeth production in the park and the carpark was chaotic), I rushed ahead to the wedding venue only to see the guests dispersing from the gate where the vows were exchanged.

Managed to spot Puni, Vig and Kannaki quick enough though, all dressed to the nines in their saris. I decided against wearing a sari, too leceh especially since there was the prospect of dancing. It was great seeing Vig again, been more than a year, she's not met Sasha.

Before dinner started, I took the opportunity to appreciate all the little details that made the theme come to life. Chris' cousin Kamini once again did all the planning and I was really impressed, felt like any one of those stylish weddings you see in Martha Stewart Weddings!

The pear colours of green and brown were evident in the decor from the place settings, chair ribbons, crepe paper ornaments on the ceiling and even the cake, the cutting table, a dessert buffet etc. The wedding favour was also a set of pear-shaped salt and pepper shakers and the table numbers were stuck in fresh pears.

Instead of a registration table, there was a poster with the table seating. I spotted a neighbour amongst the crowd, Sham's uncle and family who knew both the bride and groom. Also chatted with cousin Alfred who was the emcee for the evening, Chris had booked him ages ago. He did both her elder sisters' weddings and she wanted to continue the tradition.

Once everyone settled down, the couple made their appearance. Chris wore her hair in a side ponytail and donned a cream/red sari. She looked gorgeous as usual!

Dinner was a mostly Western buffet with some Indian dishes. I piled my plate high, was too lazy to queue for seconds!

Programme-wise, it was short and sweet and everything went off without a hitch and on time. I must say it was a well-planned wedding...if anyone needs a wedding planner, I would highly recommend Kamini, very detail-oriented!

After the change of outfits where Chris put on a cream lace evening gown, Puni delivered one of the speeches, she memorized it all. As she had run it by us before the wedding started, I wasn't so teary-eyed. But I did tear a couple of times whenever there were references to Chris' late father in other speeches. She was the apple of his eye and I was sad at the thought that uncle missed his little girl's wedding.

As the couple made their rounds after their first dance, we snapped a couple of group photos. The music was blasting and the mix infectious, but I didn't consume enough alcohol to dance but spotted the bride on the dance floor shaking her groove 'thang!

We left relatively early since the girls were unwell and we needed to administer their various medicines. We had gone to the doctor in the morning after a breakfast visit by Ben and Wendy. The doc was a little over-zealous with the medications, 5-6 types for each of them...the bill came up to $200!

May 20, 2011

Crappy week

To say this week has been a crappy one would be an understatement. It was supposed to have been a nice long weekend for me - I was on leave Friday afternoon and Monday, while Tuesday was a public holiday.

However, before the weekend started I was already battling a cough, cold and sorethroat, trying to keep them from developing into a full blown flu. At Christina's hen nite, I minimized the alcohol consumption so I could continue self-medicating.

On Monday as I was getting ready to meet Rena for lunch and to take the train to JB, I got a call from Swana saying Ma was at the hospital. She had gone for a routine ECG in the morning but because she was nursing a bad chesty cough, her heart rate was very fast and the doctor referred her to A&E immediately.

They did more ECGs and I mentioned a past history of pneumonia and requested a chest X-ray, which confirmed a chest infection. We stayed at the observation ward for 5 hours and the doctor actually advised her to be warded for treatment, but she signed a release form. There went JB!

On Tuesday, Nat had a low-grade fever all day but we had made plans to go swimming at Sunny Spring in the evening with Swana and Kavi. She was so excited to dip in the pool and we thought it safe enough despite her mild fever.

As we were getting in though (me with camera on left wrist, while holding Nat with my right hand) Ananya was trying to get my attention and greet me. I told Nat to wait and looked up momentarily to acknowledge Ananya and just at that moment, Nat slipped on a step and dunked herself in the pool.

Naturally she was shocked and burst out crying but before I could comfort her, Nick grabbed her and started screaming in front of everyone for me to put down my camera. Trust him to overreact! After unsuccessful attempts to let Nat and Sasha warm up to the water, he called it a day for them and stormed off to get them changed.

Miffed, I stayed in the pool to supervise the other kids and ignored him for the rest of the evening. I incurred his wrath further when a squirming Sasha whom I was trying to lift from the floor, threw her head back and hit the ground with a loud thud. Once again, I was the villain in my husband's eyes and he exasperatingly asked me to pay more attention to the children. It's not like I voluntarily want them to get hurt...harrumpf!

The cousins had fun though, Nya Nya entertained them and Aunty Lee Eng made a mean porridge!

When we reached home, Nat said she wanted to puke but nothing came out. Later that night or rather early Wednesday morning at around 4am, she developed a high fever of 38.7 degrees and puked after we tried to give her some milk with paracetamol in it. Immediately we went to KK, where she puked again at the triage.

A very anal young female doctor told me not to stand behind her while we were in the consultation room, citing patient confidentiality and she was worried I was reading her screen. I was just standing carrying Nat because she didn't want to sit!

The same doctor had an exchange of words with a nurse midway through our consultation, she was reprimanding the nurse for interrupting our session while the nurse tried to defend herself and told the doctor off for her holier than thou attitude!

Anyway, we hung around the observation ward for a couple of hours, Nat had been diagnosed with gastric flu. By 6.30 am we were home.

I worked from home that day but as soon as Nick came home, escaped to the office. Actually, I had received an email from my boss telling me to make tidying up my desk a priority on Thursday morning after he had tidied up a little for me. We had visitors in town and my desk was deemed messy.

But I decided to do everything on Wednesday evening to get it out of the way and out of Nick's way because I knew he blamed me for the incidents on Tuesday which pissed me off because accidents do happen. I was just unlucky they happened on my watch and on the same day!

Joanne was still in town and so I arranged to swing by her house after work. Took a train to Bedok and bought us some chicken wings and sugarcane. This was the high in my low week, it was lovely just to chat and chill. Thanks for the listening ear, babe!

Ray was still up and showed off what a good little helper he was, by trying to load his pyjamas in the washing machine. He eventually fell asleep listening to us talking and I left at 1.30 am.

Yesterday both girls had fevers and coughs, we started drugging them with the leftover medications we had in the fridge. Nick and I sort of called a truce but it was shortlived!

This evening, after Sasha fell asleep, I left her on our bed surrounded by pillows. She was not in a deep enough sleep to be moved into the playpen...she would cry when lowered in. While I was in the purple room trying to put Nat to sleep, I heard Sasha cry and when I walked in, I found her on the floor. My heart sank, not because she fell, but because I knew I would be blamed by Nick again.

I take full responsibility for leaving her on the bed, it appears she rolled over the pillows and landed on her cheek. Or maybe she she fell while climbing down from the bed...we'll never know but he assumed the worst. He started going, "Oh no, oh no" and rushed to get her some water while I tried to console her.

She fell asleep easily enough but his chiding continued and suffice it to say, another cold war erupted but it didn't last long because we said what we had to say and have apologized. He's so scared of even a single strand of their hair being harmed, while I am chopped liver these days!

May 15, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

The last of the witches, Christina, is about to get married and a hen’s night was held in her honour last night, mostly organised by her cousin Kamini.

The dress code was black and gold and a suite was booked at Swissotel the Stamford, on the 66th floor….amazing view!

The suite was decorated with black and gold balloons, and there was even a black and gold sari draped on the sofa.

The bathtub doubled up as a minibar, there were assorted bottles in there. There was also a large spread of food including pasta, fried rice, potato salad, quiches and numerous doughnuts.

The moment I arrived I was made to choose a cup which would reveal my name for the evening, from a list of names that were meant to sound like Indian porn stars.

I ended up with ‘Tongue In Thilagam’, Puni was ‘Hard Kaur Harveen’, Kannagi was ‘Golden Showers Gowri’, Chris was ‘Camel Toe Christina’ etc and we were supposed to call each other these names for the rest of the evening. Any deviation and a drink was in order!

As soon as the majority had arrived and everyone had eaten, we started with a card game. Each number or character corresponded to a forfeit and I was praying I didn’t pick anything too provocative or suggestive.

First card I drew and I ended up having to do a sexy dance with Chris…at least I didn’t have to simulate something else! The rest of the cards I drew were safe ones…boy, was I glad when the game was over!

The second game we played was ‘I’ve Never…’ and as we had made a pact, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Before we left the room to dance at New Asia, Chris opened the gifts she received, which was mainly lingerie. We took some group photos and had a few shots each and made our way to New Asia.

However, the music was a disappointment with one technofied song after another. We made a request to the DJ to play some R&B but he only obliged at the end, for the last 15 minutes!

Chris was holding her head in her palms by the end of the evening, the copious amounts of alcohol she consumed having taken its effect. I hope she had fun, can’t wait for the wedding next Saturday!