May 15, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

The last of the witches, Christina, is about to get married and a hen’s night was held in her honour last night, mostly organised by her cousin Kamini.

The dress code was black and gold and a suite was booked at Swissotel the Stamford, on the 66th floor….amazing view!

The suite was decorated with black and gold balloons, and there was even a black and gold sari draped on the sofa.

The bathtub doubled up as a minibar, there were assorted bottles in there. There was also a large spread of food including pasta, fried rice, potato salad, quiches and numerous doughnuts.

The moment I arrived I was made to choose a cup which would reveal my name for the evening, from a list of names that were meant to sound like Indian porn stars.

I ended up with ‘Tongue In Thilagam’, Puni was ‘Hard Kaur Harveen’, Kannagi was ‘Golden Showers Gowri’, Chris was ‘Camel Toe Christina’ etc and we were supposed to call each other these names for the rest of the evening. Any deviation and a drink was in order!

As soon as the majority had arrived and everyone had eaten, we started with a card game. Each number or character corresponded to a forfeit and I was praying I didn’t pick anything too provocative or suggestive.

First card I drew and I ended up having to do a sexy dance with Chris…at least I didn’t have to simulate something else! The rest of the cards I drew were safe ones…boy, was I glad when the game was over!

The second game we played was ‘I’ve Never…’ and as we had made a pact, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Before we left the room to dance at New Asia, Chris opened the gifts she received, which was mainly lingerie. We took some group photos and had a few shots each and made our way to New Asia.

However, the music was a disappointment with one technofied song after another. We made a request to the DJ to play some R&B but he only obliged at the end, for the last 15 minutes!

Chris was holding her head in her palms by the end of the evening, the copious amounts of alcohol she consumed having taken its effect. I hope she had fun, can’t wait for the wedding next Saturday!

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