May 13, 2011

Cinderella goes to the ball...

110 was a hive of activity today, with Pops’ arrival back from the hospital, Joanne and Rayhan visiting the girls and Anjali coming over for some sari assistance!

I was on half-day leave to oversee Papa’s discharge from Alexandra Hospital, taking a moment to stroll through their garden area one last time and I managed to snap 2 butterflies.

Joanne and Ray arrived just as Gigi and Nat woke up from their naps, Sasha was all over him, trying to hug him…think she was happy to see someone closer to her size! She showed off how she walks, very zombie-like at the moment!

Ray can say quite a few things now, short 2-word sentences and he’s quite an obedient little boy, obliging every little command given, e.g. hug goodbye or say ‘thank you’.

The kids watched some Mickey Mouse and Barney and when Ray changed his diaper, Nat and Gigi pointed at his thingamajig and asked ‘what’s that?’ And I said “ting ting” for want of a better word. Need to teach them the proper names soon!

Anju came at 4plus and Aunty Susie was around to help with the sari tying. She was accompanying Uncle Jana to the NTUC 50th Anniversary dinner at MBS where Uncle Devan was one of the 50 unionists being honoured for their contributions to the labour movement and her parents insisted she wear a sari!

She was sitting at table number 2 with the President no less, and borrowed Swana’s blue sari. She looked stunning as usual, it was like helping Cinderella get ready for the ball!

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