May 20, 2011

Crappy week

To say this week has been a crappy one would be an understatement. It was supposed to have been a nice long weekend for me - I was on leave Friday afternoon and Monday, while Tuesday was a public holiday.

However, before the weekend started I was already battling a cough, cold and sorethroat, trying to keep them from developing into a full blown flu. At Christina's hen nite, I minimized the alcohol consumption so I could continue self-medicating.

On Monday as I was getting ready to meet Rena for lunch and to take the train to JB, I got a call from Swana saying Ma was at the hospital. She had gone for a routine ECG in the morning but because she was nursing a bad chesty cough, her heart rate was very fast and the doctor referred her to A&E immediately.

They did more ECGs and I mentioned a past history of pneumonia and requested a chest X-ray, which confirmed a chest infection. We stayed at the observation ward for 5 hours and the doctor actually advised her to be warded for treatment, but she signed a release form. There went JB!

On Tuesday, Nat had a low-grade fever all day but we had made plans to go swimming at Sunny Spring in the evening with Swana and Kavi. She was so excited to dip in the pool and we thought it safe enough despite her mild fever.

As we were getting in though (me with camera on left wrist, while holding Nat with my right hand) Ananya was trying to get my attention and greet me. I told Nat to wait and looked up momentarily to acknowledge Ananya and just at that moment, Nat slipped on a step and dunked herself in the pool.

Naturally she was shocked and burst out crying but before I could comfort her, Nick grabbed her and started screaming in front of everyone for me to put down my camera. Trust him to overreact! After unsuccessful attempts to let Nat and Sasha warm up to the water, he called it a day for them and stormed off to get them changed.

Miffed, I stayed in the pool to supervise the other kids and ignored him for the rest of the evening. I incurred his wrath further when a squirming Sasha whom I was trying to lift from the floor, threw her head back and hit the ground with a loud thud. Once again, I was the villain in my husband's eyes and he exasperatingly asked me to pay more attention to the children. It's not like I voluntarily want them to get hurt...harrumpf!

The cousins had fun though, Nya Nya entertained them and Aunty Lee Eng made a mean porridge!

When we reached home, Nat said she wanted to puke but nothing came out. Later that night or rather early Wednesday morning at around 4am, she developed a high fever of 38.7 degrees and puked after we tried to give her some milk with paracetamol in it. Immediately we went to KK, where she puked again at the triage.

A very anal young female doctor told me not to stand behind her while we were in the consultation room, citing patient confidentiality and she was worried I was reading her screen. I was just standing carrying Nat because she didn't want to sit!

The same doctor had an exchange of words with a nurse midway through our consultation, she was reprimanding the nurse for interrupting our session while the nurse tried to defend herself and told the doctor off for her holier than thou attitude!

Anyway, we hung around the observation ward for a couple of hours, Nat had been diagnosed with gastric flu. By 6.30 am we were home.

I worked from home that day but as soon as Nick came home, escaped to the office. Actually, I had received an email from my boss telling me to make tidying up my desk a priority on Thursday morning after he had tidied up a little for me. We had visitors in town and my desk was deemed messy.

But I decided to do everything on Wednesday evening to get it out of the way and out of Nick's way because I knew he blamed me for the incidents on Tuesday which pissed me off because accidents do happen. I was just unlucky they happened on my watch and on the same day!

Joanne was still in town and so I arranged to swing by her house after work. Took a train to Bedok and bought us some chicken wings and sugarcane. This was the high in my low week, it was lovely just to chat and chill. Thanks for the listening ear, babe!

Ray was still up and showed off what a good little helper he was, by trying to load his pyjamas in the washing machine. He eventually fell asleep listening to us talking and I left at 1.30 am.

Yesterday both girls had fevers and coughs, we started drugging them with the leftover medications we had in the fridge. Nick and I sort of called a truce but it was shortlived!

This evening, after Sasha fell asleep, I left her on our bed surrounded by pillows. She was not in a deep enough sleep to be moved into the playpen...she would cry when lowered in. While I was in the purple room trying to put Nat to sleep, I heard Sasha cry and when I walked in, I found her on the floor. My heart sank, not because she fell, but because I knew I would be blamed by Nick again.

I take full responsibility for leaving her on the bed, it appears she rolled over the pillows and landed on her cheek. Or maybe she she fell while climbing down from the bed...we'll never know but he assumed the worst. He started going, "Oh no, oh no" and rushed to get her some water while I tried to console her.

She fell asleep easily enough but his chiding continued and suffice it to say, another cold war erupted but it didn't last long because we said what we had to say and have apologized. He's so scared of even a single strand of their hair being harmed, while I am chopped liver these days!

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