May 7, 2011

Election fever

Brought the girls to visit Pops in hospital and at the same time fed them their dinner there.

I think Alexandra Hospital has a lot of charm, am especially taken with the butterfly trail and outdoor garden they have on their compound. There’s a lot of greenery, you can hear birds chirping, see butterflies fluttering about…it’s very tranquil and peaceful.

We spotted a couple of unusual birds, a sleek black one with a red eye, a cockatoo and a canary, as well as bird’s nest perched on a rain tree.

Am now watching the election results ‘live’ on TV with Ma, but the internet is faster than TV, which waits for the returning officer to announce the vote count officially for each constituency.

Online however, there are tweets and ‘live’ feeds and a lot of hearsay, even before the results are announced, so it seems that the Worker’s Party has broken through and won Aljunied GRC. There goes a couple of ministers from the cabinet!

As the opposition put it, this is a watershed election. Never before have people been so openly critical of the PAP, the rising cost of living and the need for alternative voices in Parliament being major factors in how citizens cast their vote.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles online and a common feature of comments has been how the government is arrogant and out of touch, and people are tired of having policies forced on them.

New media has been an instrumental platform in how the opposition engaged with the electorate, something the PAP didn’t quite get the hang of and to their detriment, social media was also responsible for showing up some of the flaws and political immaturity of their candidates e.g. Ms TPL.

Bet the PAP were not prepared for how much of a negative impression she made, am sure she’s a nice enough person but she just came across as immature and robotic, with not much depth to her as compared to Nicole Seah who is a few years younger, but a lot more savvy and likeable.

I think the opposition are starting to get their act together, and come 2016, more GRCs could fall as they build up on the momentum from this year, work the ground early and establish themselves as a credible alternative.

Voters are getting more discerning, we’re not as compliant as before and this election really made a lot of people sit up and pay attention to national issues and express their dissatisfaction at the way Singapore Inc is run.

I never had the patience to watch parliament sessions before, but come the next sitting, I think I just might…who said Singaporeans were apathetic?

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