May 2, 2011

Fancy Tot Parties

Yesterday was a day of attending back to back birthday parties.

First up was Jayna’s 1st birthday at Orchid Country Club in the afternoon where Jalen and Judy had booked a small ballroom overlooking the golf course.

There was a jungle theme for the kids but I used it as an excuse to buy a leopard print singlet from Forever 21. Lunch was a generous buffet, there was also beer and wine though not many of the guys drank because they drove.

Jayna was cutely dressed in a cargo shirt dress with leopard print belt, and the cake was a work of art from Jin’s Cakes again. There was a balloon guy who also doubled up as a games host, but he came across as pretty ‘stoned’, the kids hardly paid him any attention!

Nat grew sleepy by the minute, the party timing coinciding with hers and Sasha’s naptimes. Midway through the party, we put Sasha to sleep but she woke up during the cake-cutting. The kids massacred the cake before it was even cut, Riley, Gigi and Nat helping themselves to the sugar décor.

We left without sampling the cake though! There were numerous photo-takings with all the guests before it was sliced up and served, and Nat was getting crankier by the minute so we scooted out of there. She fell asleep before we even hit the highway, and slept all the way till 6.15pm!

Had to drag her out of bed to attend the next party, which was for Troy’s 2nd. This time round was a circus theme at Kidz Amaze in Jurong.

We left Sasha behind with Ma and got lost along the way. Our street directory is so outdated, the building hadn’t been built yet!

Finally we managed to find the place and Nat went into koala bear mode, refusing to leave our side. Tried bringing her into the huge indoor playground but she was freaked out by the loud vacuuming sounds.

We just hung around the party instead, Nick got to catch up with some of his CTK gang while I fed Nat. Debra went all out with the circus theme from tablecloth to organic popcorn, themed party favours and homemade chocolate chip cookies in the goodie bag, which had customised stickers. There was also a professional photographer.

The cake was almost too pretty to eat, from Delectable Delites…It was smaller than Jayna’s and cost more, but the workmanship was finer and colours brighter. Taste-wise though, I think I prefer Jin’s. Troy was so eager to get his hands on his cake, he was straining across the table to grab something before the cake-cutting.

Though Nat didn’t warm up enough to play with the other kids, I think she still enjoyed herself.

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