May 14, 2011

Green screen

Kavi needed some help today for a video she’s shooting for an IATA event and roped in Swana and me to be calefares. We went to some ulu studio in Macpherson which had a big green screen, and for an hour pretended to be travelers going through immigration.

Brought Nat and Gigi with us, told them we were going to Aunty Kavi’s ‘office’. Think they were awed by all the equipment and at first behaved themselves but after a while, they were running loose and trying to get in on the action.

After the shoot, I made Kevin swing by Tai Thong Crescent to see if we could score some prawn mee but the shop was closed. Bummer. Oh well, at least I got to snap a picture of the Chiam See Tong billboard in Potong Pasir before it's taken down.

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