May 28, 2011

J is for...

…Joo Chiat.

Our alphabet dates took a couple of weeks hiatus while Pops and Ma recuperated from their minor stroke and pneumonia respectively. Then the kids were all sick with flu and bad coughs so ‘J’ was postponed further.

We finally made it out for a late lunch today, dumping the kids at 110 for their lunch and afternoon nap.

I had been meaning to try the food proper at Everything With Fries, so that’s where we went. While he waited for a parking lot, I bought some bak chang from Kim Choo’s and then proceeded to order on his behalf.

We shared a one-egg soup, he had a cheeseburger with straight-cut curry fries and I had the grilled pork chop with shoestring fries.

The soup was yummy, the deep fried egg white garnish adding extra texture and flavour to a creamy chicken soup that was nice enough on its own. And at $3.90, it’s a bargain compared to the instant soups you get at a lot of places these days.

Nick’s cheeseburger looked juicy and cost only $9.90, I had a bite and it sure seemed more value-for-money than some fast food burgers which can go up to $7 or $8 bucks using highly-processed meat. At least this you can tell it’s fresh.

It came with a side of coleslaw and I much preferred his fries over mine, there were even bits of deep-fried curry leaves.

My own pork chop was a massive piece of meat that had been chargrilled almost to perfection. I say ‘almost’ because there were bits of pink along the bone that I avoided eating and apparently that’s how they usually prepare it.

But Nick was insistent that the meat should be fully cooked and so although I had eaten about half my pork chop, the kind service staff offered to replace the whole dish. I told them they could just bring half or cook further my existing one but no, they gave me a whole new dish, with new fries and Caesar salad.

I was already pretty full, so Nick shared the chop. Again, another value-for-money meal at just $13.90. The pork was succulent, and I loved its smoky flavour.

Dessert was their popular mille crepe, layers and layers of crepe with fresh cream in between. It was a huge slice and I was the only one eating. Dense yet light at the same time because it wasn’t overly sweet.

Overall, we both enjoyed our meal there and I can’t wait to go again.

After lunch, we popped by to Ginny’s house to pass her a receipt for a claim and also sign some forms. Thereafter we made a quick trip to Leng Kee and Alexandra to check out MPVs. The COEs are ridiculously high so I doubt we will change cars but still, it was nice to look.

I had been bugging him to see the Zafira and I was impressed with the layout, at least the back row still had leg-space and our stroller could fit in the boot. But nah, I know he won’t buy lah!

We rushed back once we received word that the kids were up from their naps. After picking them up, it was off to the north for dinner with the in-laws. I asked Nick to drop me off at Mandai Crematorium so I could offer moral support to Puni. Met Vig there and the two of us observed from the back...our heart went out to Puni.

Back at AMK, there was DIY popiah for dinner and Wendy brought my Forever21 loot that we had ordered from the States. Everything fits, phew!

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