May 8, 2011

Joshua is 1!

Today is Mother’s Day and we attended mass with Mildred at AMK before making our way to Sizzler at Suntec for lunch where we were joined by the Dopes and Ma.

I have a new name for the pumpkin i.e. Sasha Fierce! You should have seen the dirty look she gave the waiter when he tried to take away the menu she was playing with. She stared him down, and he backed away! LOL!

She may have been fierce to the waiter but turned into the cowardly lion in the evening as she experienced a pool for the first time.

Rena threw a little early party for Joshua’s 1st birthday at her sister-in-law’s condo at Marine Parade and we brought the girls’ swim gear.

I thought she would be like a duck to water, since she loves her baths and protests whenever she’s removed from the water too early. But I guess the sight of all that water intimidated her, even though it was nice and warm.

At least she lasted a lot longer than Nat’s first pool experience. But eventually we took her out after 5 mins when she tried to climb onto Germaine! Joshua had a good time though, as did Nat!

There was a Tigger theme going on, the party was mainly for immediate family and a few friends. Adrian is into photography as a hobby and set up a little studio area for photo-taking but the kids were more interested in playing!

Cake was from Jin’s Cakes again, I think I should start asking for commission, ha ha! Nat was on a sugar high on the way home, babbling to herself!

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