May 7, 2011

The Other Side

Nick's paternal cousin Jean got married today at the new-ish church at Pasir Ris and I thought we might bump into his dad, but nope, the father-in-law I've never met wasn't in attendance!

I missed most of the ceremony trying to make Sasha nap at the back of the church, but from the moments I caught, could tell that the bride was not the 'kuniang' type.

I don't mean to be critical but she didn't exactly glide down the aisle, plus she hunched and carried her flowers too high. After the ceremony, she was walking around with her train hitched up over her arm!

The reception was in a very narrow canteen, there wasn’t much space so the buffet was laid out in the basement carpark. Food was edible, nothing fancy, I was not a fan of the presentation or the variety.

I think our presence did cause quite a stir, because Mildred, Nick and Ben have been out of the picture for more than 30 years, keeping in touch mainly with just Uncle Barry and Aunty Adeline, two of the dad’s siblings.

There were other members of the family they had not seen in decades, cousins they hadn’t met since childhood and along the way, Nick met a business acquaintance only to discover they were second-cousins!

Maybe his dad was too chicken to show up, after all, his second wife was present too along with his other 2 sons…he only left them a couple of years ago for some China chick apparently. Or maybe it was just for China, I don’t know the details!

Well, at least I got to see Nick and Ben’s half brothers. They are quite young, early 20s I’m guessing. Was trying to discreetly snap pictures of the family, failing miserably. A spy I will never be! Their mother reminded me of my family doctor, Dr Yap, a bit tai-tai looking. As for the sons pictured above on the left, let’s just say Nick and Ben inherited the looks!

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