May 21, 2011

The Perfect Pair Wedding

Chris finally tied the knot today after an 11-year courtship with Satheesh, and a day after her birthday.

Dubbed the Perfect Pair wedding with lots of pear elements, it was an outdoor affair at Fort Canning.

We were late though and missed the solemnization, bugger. While Nick scouted for a parking spot (there was a MacBeth production in the park and the carpark was chaotic), I rushed ahead to the wedding venue only to see the guests dispersing from the gate where the vows were exchanged.

Managed to spot Puni, Vig and Kannaki quick enough though, all dressed to the nines in their saris. I decided against wearing a sari, too leceh especially since there was the prospect of dancing. It was great seeing Vig again, been more than a year, she's not met Sasha.

Before dinner started, I took the opportunity to appreciate all the little details that made the theme come to life. Chris' cousin Kamini once again did all the planning and I was really impressed, felt like any one of those stylish weddings you see in Martha Stewart Weddings!

The pear colours of green and brown were evident in the decor from the place settings, chair ribbons, crepe paper ornaments on the ceiling and even the cake, the cutting table, a dessert buffet etc. The wedding favour was also a set of pear-shaped salt and pepper shakers and the table numbers were stuck in fresh pears.

Instead of a registration table, there was a poster with the table seating. I spotted a neighbour amongst the crowd, Sham's uncle and family who knew both the bride and groom. Also chatted with cousin Alfred who was the emcee for the evening, Chris had booked him ages ago. He did both her elder sisters' weddings and she wanted to continue the tradition.

Once everyone settled down, the couple made their appearance. Chris wore her hair in a side ponytail and donned a cream/red sari. She looked gorgeous as usual!

Dinner was a mostly Western buffet with some Indian dishes. I piled my plate high, was too lazy to queue for seconds!

Programme-wise, it was short and sweet and everything went off without a hitch and on time. I must say it was a well-planned wedding...if anyone needs a wedding planner, I would highly recommend Kamini, very detail-oriented!

After the change of outfits where Chris put on a cream lace evening gown, Puni delivered one of the speeches, she memorized it all. As she had run it by us before the wedding started, I wasn't so teary-eyed. But I did tear a couple of times whenever there were references to Chris' late father in other speeches. She was the apple of his eye and I was sad at the thought that uncle missed his little girl's wedding.

As the couple made their rounds after their first dance, we snapped a couple of group photos. The music was blasting and the mix infectious, but I didn't consume enough alcohol to dance but spotted the bride on the dance floor shaking her groove 'thang!

We left relatively early since the girls were unwell and we needed to administer their various medicines. We had gone to the doctor in the morning after a breakfast visit by Ben and Wendy. The doc was a little over-zealous with the medications, 5-6 types for each of them...the bill came up to $200!

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Heys... Love ur theme.
Did u engage any wedding decor team to help u?