May 1, 2011

Sasha @ 13 months

Just a few days after her party, she started taking her first steps unassisted and is now cruising around the house. She has tried to string more than 3 steps together with moderate success but I think proper walking is a month away. However she can go pretty far if you hold one of her hands and help her along. At least she can properly dismount the bed now.

She is the most restless baby I know, cannot sit quietly for a minute and constantly on the go. She hates being confined or restrained and squirms like a worm whenever you try to sit her on your lap. The only thing that makes her stay still for a moment is food! She likes to eat and can point when she wants something. She’s getting better at feeding herself small bits of cereal or biscuits.

Her recently acquired tricks include high-fiving, kissing, and putting either real or fake phones to her ear and saying ‘hi’. She also very recently started saying ‘gi-gi’ and ‘nat-nat’ and can point to the dog in a book. Although sometimes she points at a cat and says ‘dug’. I can’t tell if she’s actually trying to say ‘dog’ or ‘duck’. She says ‘ma’ when she sees me and her favourite song at the moment is Avril Lavigne’s “What the Hell”, which she loves to bounce to and sometimes tries to sing along to.

She has 4 teeth, the side ones look ready to erupt soon. She gets a touch of separation anxiety in the middle of night when she sees either me or Nick leave the room to make milk, wailing loudly at 6 am and not stopping till we come back. She understands the command ‘sleep’, sometimes I will hand her the bolster and say, “Hug your pillow and sleep” or “Sleeping time” and she will hug the bolster and lay her head down on the bed.

The pumpkin has developed a habit of climbing onto chairs and stools, her favourite being a small white plastic chair which she will clamber on and sit down. Sometimes she will stand on it precariously and ignore our warnings. She’ll pull the weighing machine from under my dresser and step on it so she can grab things from the table! Real daredevil this one, with no sense of danger!

She weighs about 9.5kg and though we’ve re-tried introducing meat to her diet, she still shows signs of allergies so the vegetarianism continues.

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