June 27, 2011

1st day of school

Nat and Gigi have finally started school and today was their first day at CS Montessori in Tiong Bahru Plaza.

We've been trying to psych them up and mentally prepare for this new phase in their lives. Last week they attended the orientation with us and got a feel of their classroom and met their teachers. Today as they were getting ready, they were all gung-ho and excited, I don't think they fully comprehended they were going to be abandoned by us!

They posed for pictures in their school t-shirts and this is what they refer to as the model pose...

They obediently walked to Tiong Bahru Plaza from Membina as Swana, Lita and I walked them over. Before entering the class, they received a little pep talk and lots of hugs and as they entered the class, they were surprisingly calm. They got their hands sanitized and put their water bottles aside and then we made a quick exit.

Spent the time in the mall before picking them up from class, they came out all traumatized and crying, ha ha. Apparently it was Gigi who started first about 30 mins from the end, and Nat joined in! But hey, at least they lasted 90 mins without tears! Am sure by the end of 2 weeks, they'll love school!

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