June 4, 2011

All aboard!

I finally made it to JB via KTM train today, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to get tickets. The trains will stop operating from Tanjong Pagar come 1st July and I wanted to take the train one last time for sentimental reasons. I’ve lived next to the station practically all my life and we used to take the trains to JB pretty often.

On Wednesday I popped by during lunch only to be told I had to buy tickets 24hrs in advance. Yesterday when I arrived at 9something with the gang in tow to show Nat and Gigi the train station, the guy at the counter told me I was too late, the 8am train for today was sold out!

Decided to try again for 1pm and Ma went to queue early. She somehow managed to score 3 seats on the 8am which we gratefully accepted.

We met Phyllis at the station this morning and took lots of pictures, everyone was snapping pictures of every corner of the station! The queues were long and the train left late but we didn’t care, we had a day of retail therapy ahead of us!

At Woodlands, I came across someone’s immigration card on the floor, it belonged to an elderly man and I returned it to a security officer. In the meantime, I approached several strangers to see if they had lost their card but none had.

But not long after, the security officer informed me they had found the person, phew…was worried the poor guy would get detained by customs, especially since they didn’t stamp our passports but the white cards instead.

We reached JB around 10am, the new train station and immigration complex was impressive! Once at City Square, we had breakfast and then went to Kamdar to hunt materials. Me and Phyllis bought a stretchy piece each.

Back at City Square, we split up from Ma to shop. Phyllis and I tackled floor by floor, saving Vincci for last. I bought a necklace, some slippers for Nat and Gigi, shapewear undies, tee-shirts and 3 pairs of shoes. Yay!

We had a late lunch at Nando’s, it’s half the price there after you convert! Satisfied with our meal, we took the bus back across the causeway and alighted at Queen Street.

Have to thank Nickypoo for holding the fort at home while I shopped, bless him!


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