June 19, 2011

Funiculi, Funicular! (Day 9, 18 June)

One of my corny dreams of wearing capri pants in Capri has finally come true!

This morning we made an early start to board the ferry to the Isle of Capri, a short ride only about 20 mins or less. There was a collective gasp when Mark teased us to say that George Clooney was in town and then promptly introduced our local guide, 'Giorgio' Clooney!

Immediately upon our arrival, we kicked off with our optional cruise around the island in a small boat. We went around the rocky formations and admired the rugged coastline, stopping to see coral-coloured rocks, a cave with a formation of Mother Mary on a rock (have to look real hard and use your imagination!), an elephant trunk rock etc.

Unfortunately the tour did not include the Blue Grotto, I would have loved to have seen that but apparently it takes ages to get in so had to make do with some glowing underwater cavities instead. There was a funny moment when a girl named Nina had a seagull poop on her head as it flew overhead!

A few people wanted to swim so the captain obligingly stopped for a while to fulfill their wish. Nina jumped in as well and washed the poop out of her hair! Julia, who reminds me a little of Anna Hathaway at the Princess Dairies phase, also jumped in.

Back on dry land, we took the furnicular up to Capri town, it took just a couple of minutes...not as scary as the Santorini cable car which felt a lot steeper and higher. We visited a garden which had a gorgeous view and then we had free and easy time for a couple of hours.

I bought an orange granita, it was the best slushy I've ever had! Me and ma walked along the chic shops, I went into Gucci to buy Swana's requested bag as well as a wallet from Miu Miu for Jane. Once again when the tour group saw me, they made a fuss over my purchases!

All too soon it was time to head back to Sorrento. Once on the mainland, we had woodworking factory visit and demo but everything was so expensive! Me and Ma walked back to town and bought more souvenirs before stopping for a quick bite of vegetarian pizza, gnocchi and a veal scallopini.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner, there was supposed to have been a few options to pick from, set meals from selected restaurants, but Mark encouraged everyone to join him at a family-run restaurant he was familiar with instead, where he promised a good time.

And a good time was had by all! There was an assortment of dishes from deep fried sardines, mussels, salad, pasta etc; as well as the appearance of a Pulcinella, a comedic character dressed in white with a black face mask who generally went round to tease people by messing their hair repeatedly and seeing how they react. I only kena once, but Ma kena twice!

During dinner there was mandolin playing, and tarantella dancing and some of the group even did a conga line through the restaurant! An old couple celebrating their 53rd anniversary with this trip led the slow-dancing, that was a touching moment. The grandmother's 6 grandsons then took turns to dance with her before the music went uptempo and a few of the others joined in, including our bus driver! Yours truly was also dragged in at some point!

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