June 22, 2011

Mummy's home! (Day 12, 21 June)

And we are back!

The flight was smooth, can't recall any turbulence. Didn't sleep much but watched 4 movies instead, 3 of them foreign!
We took the hotel airport for 5 euros each, and thank goodness I did the online check-in a day before, saved so much time instead of queuing with the masses.

After immigration, we did the VAT refunds, and then flush will all the refunded euros, I went on to buy a wristlet from Ferragamo and a tote from Longchamp.
We bought yet more souvenirs and foodstuff for home and then lugged our handcarry bags to the departure gate.

Had I known the Gucci and Prada were next to our gate, I wouldn't have tried to kill time on chocolates and spices at the main terminal but we had no time to browse because it was boarding time.

We got home at around 7.30 am with McDonalds breakfast for everyone. Swana and Gigi had spent the night and it was Gigi who woke up when we opened the door. When it registered who was home, she flung herself against my legs and clung on for dear life. What a nice welcome!

Hearing the commotion, Nat woke up and peeped from her room door and I think she had a look of relief that I was home! Sasha woke up too and bounced in her cot when she saw me...thank goodness she still recognised me! She insisted on putting on a dress that was too big for her when we brought out the kids' stuff!

Italy was an amazing adventure, we saw so many things, lived la dolce vita, made new friends and had a wonderful time. Am glad we took a tour, luggage was hassle-free and we didn't have to worry on how to get from Point A to Point B. The coach was super comfy, the country was beautiful but there's no place like home!

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