June 1, 2011

Sasha at 14 months and Nat cycles!

The pumpkin is walking fully at 14 months, toddling around the house like a zombie! Her vocabulary is constantly expanding, she says Gigi properly, bird, Nat Nat, mama, daddy. She loves calling out for ‘Dad-ee’! She even greets Pops when she arrives at 110, calling out Papa from the door.

She recognises that when we put shoes on, it means going out so she doesn’t try to take them off anymore. She’ll say ‘walk-walk’ and wait to go out. She would rather not be carried these days, much preferring to exercise her newly acquired walking skills.

She can point to the moon and nod her head for ‘yes’, and she especially likes to nod her head if you sing Baa Baa Black Sheep, in particular the part that goes ‘Yes Sir, Yes Sir 3 Bags Full!’. She loves Barney too, going 'Bar-ee' when she spots the purple dinosaur.

Though she loves bathtime and now stands in the shower for her daily bath, she has not come round to swimming pools. Will have to keep trying!

I think she’s capable of feeding herself, I just have to be more diligent in training her. I let her feed herself her porridge sometimes, she’s actually pretty good at guiding the spoon to her mouth. When she wants what we’re eating, she’ll guide our hand to her mouth too!

She likes to doodle on the magnetic boards and when she gets a shape into her shape sorter, she applauds herself! She has a hearty laugh and is such a manja baby, she’ll lie her head on my shoulder when I return from work or rest her head on my lap, that’s her way of ‘sayanging’.

She understands the command ‘kiss’ and will offer her lips when I say it. She likes to kiss herself in the mirror too, hmm, wonder who she gets that from?

Nat at 40 months can finally cycle properly. She’s had her bike for more than a year now, but she had this habit of pedalling forward and rewinding to inch forward some more. She finally got the hang of pushing the pedals all the way around and is proudly cycling around the house.

Her favourite colours now are purple, pink and green and she’s been in our bed for the past month and it’s impossible to kick her out now!

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