June 18, 2011

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie...(Day 8, 17 Jun)

...That's Amore!

OK, we are officially in love with Italy! This morning we left Florence for a long drive to Sorrento in Naples, catching a glimpse of Mt Vesuvius along the way. It took about 7 hours to get here, with 3 stops along the way and upon nearing our destination, Mark put on some Dean Martin, including 'That's Amore', to get us in the mood.

Home for the next 2 nights is the Grand Hotel La Favorita, and I can see why it's a favourite with travellers. The rooms are LOVELY, all blue and white tiles. It's the nicest of our tour so far, and the biggest. We have a balcony overlooking the garden that has a few lemon and orange trees.

We had just 1 hour to rest and freshen up before our optional excursion to Positano via the Amalfi Coast. We had a minibus and it was a short ride, along the way I saw cherry trees for the first time in my life. Mmm, we've been buying a lot of cherries and eating them in the room and bus!

Just before reaching Positano, we stopped by a fruit shop and lookout point, there are some huge lemons here...lemons on steroids I say!

In Positano we were given about 90 mins to walk around, me and Ma walked down to the beach and then on the way up did some souvenir shopping. Wish we had more time but all too soon it was time to board the bus back to Sorrento.

Back at the hotel, I went to peep at the pool on the roof, it has a nice view of Mt Vesuvius. Instead of swimming though, we walked to a nearby garden to catch the sunset and decided to just have dinner at the cafe there and admire the view.

Ma had her first taste of limoncello which she found too strong for her taste. She ordered a ravioli and I had a margherita pizza. Did you know it was named after Queen Margherita, wife of the second king of Italy, Umberto? She visited Naples and a restaurant created a dish in her honour, a patriotic dish comprising the flag colours. The cheese represents white, the tomato the red and the basil the green!

After dinner, we walked along the streets of the town, picking up more souvenirs and some trinkets. We're off to Capri in the morning, woo hoo!

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