July 9, 2011

Babes in Bintan (Day 1, 8 July)

We are on our first family holiday, actually there's more than just the 4 of us, we're in a group of 22! 15 adults and 7 kids, namely:

1) Nick, me, Sasha, Nat and Wendy
2) Kevin, Swana, Gigi

3) Kaelash, Jeanette, Riley
4) Kavi, Ananya, Khin

5) Vim, Ajen, Diya

6) Jalen, Judy
7) Kenny, Felina, Sarah

It's taken a couple of months to plan, I helped make the Nirwana Resort and ferry arrangements. Because there are travel trade folks and NUS staff among us, all our rooms were booked at a very good rate i.e. 155 nett per night for travel trade and 160 nett for NUS vs the internet rate of 195++. Plus, with 20 or more passengers, we got $4 off the ferry prices as a group booking.

We were late getting to the ferry terminal this morning though, Swana was late picking us up...Kevin was a tad hungover. But eventually we reached and got ourselves checked in together. There was a slight delay with the ferry departure but the ride was uneventful. The kids were all excited and no one got seasick.

We were too early to check in, only a couple of rooms were ready so we killed time by having a buffet lunch, where we bumped into Andre Achak. Nick, Kaelash and Kenny all knew him from some Catholism classes. Nat and Gigi skipped their nap and once everyone's rooms were sorted, we hit the pool.

Finally Sasha is used to the water, she didn't want to leave at the end! Nat was super-clingy and scared though, took a while to warm up.

Once everyone got ready for dinner, we hopped on the resort shuttle to bring us to the resort centre which housed a food court. It was funny because the ride lasted all of 30 secs, just up a slope in front of the hotel when everyone was expecting to travel some distance.

The food court looked kind of dead though, we were the only ones around. Prices ranged between $7-12, and the Japanese food was pretty decent. Fed the kids teriyaki rice and had a bowl of ramen for myself. Gigi was so sleepy, she fell asleep as soon as Kevin held her.

We had designated tonight as the boys night out...with the kids and all, had to take turns for some adult get-togethers. The boys ended up sitting at the cafe chatting about politics and housing, and polished off a bottle of duty-free vodka.

The girls gathered in Judy's room, which was adjoined to Felina's. Riley, Gigi and Diya were put to sleep by their mommies and then we indulged in juicier conversation topics and managed to finish a bottle of vodka too.

After midnight, we wished Vim a happy birthday and took turns to find the boys and wish Kevin too. Part of the reason we picked this weekend to go was because it coincided with their birthdays.

Jeanette was a tad high, it was quite amusing especially when it came to debating certain subjects which arose in our girly conversations and we wanted to get the guys' perspectives. Men are really from Mars!

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