July 10, 2011

Babes in Bintan (Day 2, 9 July)

What a packed day!

Right after breakfast, we had a little cake-cutting and sing-song near the lobby for Vim and Kevin. Swana had brought a Cedele sugee cake and her colleague Cherie made some Cancerian crab ornaments to embellish. Nat tried to restrain Gigi from stealing some cake before it was cut, to no avail. Gigi just brushed her off and gobbled a piece before nonchalantly saying, "I do already", and shrugging her shoulders!

We then walked to the resort centre to check out the facilities and entertainment area. There was archery, shooting, a large trampoline, horse-riding and an elephant park. Kenny bought 3 horse rides but in the end, only Riley was brave enough to go for a ride so me and Kaelash used up the rest.

It was a little hard to keep my balance, the horse was just a pony and I felt like I was torturing her!

Next were the elephants, we were too cheapskate to buy rides and just viewed them from far but a couple of caretakers brought their elephants close to us and encouraged us to sit and take photos, and Nick gave them a small tip after. Nat was terrified but didn't cry. The skins felt really rough, but the elephants themselves were gentle.

Back at the resort centre, we decided to bowl. The hotel had given us some complimentary games and we formed 2 teams. My team was doing well but the other team caught up towards the end. Kenny is a serious bowler, and I actually managed to knock some pins. I even got a strike! The kids kept cheering for us and in between we fed them lunch from the food court.

After a short siesta, some of us gathered on the beach. Sasha had a mild fever from her jab given the week before, we had anticipated it and kept her out of the water, even though she was itching to get in. Nat opted to blow bubbles and play with sand.

The guys took a group photo, comparing who had the biggest tummy...if Kevin had been there, he would have won! Nick stood out like a sore thumb, manjan with no tummy!

Next was a dip in the pool, didn't stay too long because Nat was showing signs of a runny nose.

Dinner was at The Kelong, we had to hop on the resort shuttle and luckily I had made a reservation because it was packed. We split into two tables, some of the dishes were alright but it was mainly average fare. Kaelash had a NUS coupon for 20% F&B discounts so we made the most of it.

At one point when I brought Nat to see the fish tanks, a fish escaped from the net it was in and flopped on the floor. The waiter soon caught hold of it, but at least Nat got a bit of a show.

The designated girls' night turned out to be a non-event, everyone was tired from the long day and I ended up just chatting for a bit with my sister in her room before returning to mine.

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