July 29, 2011

Catching up over crabs

The crab craving I have been harbouring for a while now has been momentarily satisfied, thanks to a Jumbo dinner with the SSC folks.

At the dinner were Wai Ling, Roger, Parames, Amy, Suhana and Jenny who was the one who initiated it to begin with. Jenny even brought the office pets!

Between us we had 2 chili crabs and 1 black pepper, 2 servings of salted egg yolk prawns, garlic fried chicken, kailan, scallop in mini yam baskets, you tiao, braised beancurd etc. Everything was good, can't go wrong with Jumbo!

It was great seeing everyone, especially to listen to SSC news and other stat board and ministerial gossip.

We adjourned to the next door Harry's for drinks, but I left after gulping my Shirley Temple as Nick came to pick me up to head to KKH. Nat has been having diarrhea and today was especially bad, he had already brought her in this morning but wanted to get a more instant cure.

In the end, we got as far as the triage. He changed his mind after the nurse assured him Nat was well enough.

Sasha's been pooping too, I think they both have some kind of rotavirus. But at least they are happy and playing still and hydrated.

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