July 31, 2011

Happy birthday in advance to me!

As I am flying off in a bit to do a site inspection trip to Jeju in Korea, we held an early birthday party for me this evening.

The in-laws came over and so did my folks. I had requested Mummy to make her mee siam which I hadn't had in ages, and my wish was granted.

Nick supplemented the food with popiah and chicken wings from Qiji. Swana supplied cake from Four Leaves and the kids had a ball blowing out the candles.

My top was a pressie from Ben and Wendy, Sasha wore a new jumpsuit and exclaimed 'wow' when she looked down at her outfit!

Am glad we got to take a family picture too, gotta do one every year!

It was a simple celebration but as one gets older, one is less inclined to celebrate. 33 in a few days, am I considered mid-thirties now or still early-thirties?

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