July 1, 2011

L is for...

...Lau Pa Sat.

It wasn't supposed to be though, we had settled on dinner at Liang Seah Street after work but I ran late at work and he offered to come to my area instead and what the heck, Lau Pa Sat started with 'L'!

I ordered some satay from Fatman Satay (nothing great!) and he had mee goreng and I had bee hoon goreng. Conversation was limited, because we were sharing a table with some strangers.

As Swana and Kevin were babysitting, I offered to get milkshakes from Once Upon A Milkshake at Maxwell and we had dessert there. While I was on the line checking with Swana on what she wanted, she exclaimed that Nat had just puked on her.

I contemplated not telling Nick so as not to worry him and tried to leave the place as fast as possible without rousing his suspicion but he was actually content to linger on at OUAM and so I told him the news to get him off his butt!

Worked like a charm, he got all frenzied and drove like a madman home, all the while asking me to call and check on the situation, even when we were downstairs! Turned out to be a one-off, not gastric flu or anything, phew.

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