July 3, 2011


Mitra is in town and he came over for lunch at 110 today, along with Anju and Jana who was also in town. Jana has been appointed the new director at the Institute of Policy Studies so he will be spending even more time here.

Aunty Sarda, Aunty Susi and Ma split the cooking and we had a relaxing afternoon just chatting and talking politics...what else! Mitra and Jana had not seen the kids for a while and were amazed at how they've grown.

There was more entertaining yesterday evening at my house. Baba and Aunty Irene came over for dinner, she wanted to collect the Prada bag I helped her buy in Florence.

Earlier in the day, I went to collect Sasha's first passport from ICA. Had a scare when the officer asked for my IC, I couldn't find my wallet in my bag and panicked! I knew I had it just 15 mins prior when I paid for the cab but somewhere in between I lost it.

I retraced my steps back to the security scanner and entrance to no avail, but when I reached the main road, there was my Miu Miu wallet lying by the side of the road. Phew!

I know I was really lucky no one spotted it for 15 whole minutes, the good thing was the grey colour blended with the road, plus we had alighted before the taxi stand so less people passing by that particular spot. 'Heng' ah!

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