July 1, 2011

Run, Sasha, Run

Sasha has ants in her pants, the girl just cannot sit still! Having barely mastered walking, she is constantly running all around the house, falls are common because she tip-toes! When she feels pain, she'll hold her head and beat the floor.

Her vocabulary is increasing, she can say clock, bus, moon, star, cloud, colour and point to a bunch of things in her books. She says 'milk' when she sees her feeds, and when done drinking she'll say 'no more' and command you to 'cover' the bottle. She snorts and moos, she can't say 'cat' but will say 'meow' when she sees one.

She says 'mummy' with a slang i.e. 'Ma-may', she can recognise 'mama' and 'Nani' too. When she wants something, she'll demand, "I want, I want" and when she wants to get down from being carried, it's "walk walk".

She loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. When I sing "Ring-a-ring-a-rosy', she will twirl and flop on her bum at the word 'down', which she shouts out herself. She climbs like a monkey on the gate or the playpen, an accident just waiting to happen!

She's no longer vegetarian, she's ok with chicken now. Have started giving her more chunkier textures. She's gotten pretty attached to Wendy while I was away, am trying to stake back my claim!

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