July 13, 2011

A Taste of Tokyo (Day 1 & 2, 12-13 July 2011)

Moshi moshi!

Here I am in Tokyo, somewhere I've always bugged Nick about letting me tag along on one of his business trips to no avail, but I've made it on my own, thanks to an event that Misys is sponsoring.

My boss had been traveling the past month and was also concerned about the radiation after the March 11 earthquake, so I volunteered, heh heh. The best bit is, I've got one of my gal pals for company - Joanne decided to tag along on a whim, and brought little Rayhan too.

And the bonus is that Rena is also in town, our trips overlapping by a couple of days and so we all met for dinner this evening.

I spent the day overseeing our booth at GMS 2011, where our consultants and sales manager conducted demos and generated leads plus we had two presentations at the forum. Had lunch with my colleagues Reiko and Sumiko but we ate Japanese-Chinese food!

Joanne and Ray managed to find their way to Disneyland and spent the day there, melting in the sun.

When I returned to the hotel, Rena and her travel companion Flora were waiting in our room and after a quick change, we left and wandered around the Shimbashi train station trying to decide what to eat. In the end, we decided to take the JR Yamanote line to Shibuya, where we saw the famous crossing at the Hachiko exit.

That done, we tried to locate a Burberry Blue Label outlet nearby but failed and ended up at a restaurant along Meiji Dori where everything is 270 yen. Deciphering the touch-screen menu was a little challenging, luckily they had a Nepalese waiter who spoke English.

Flora was really taken with Ray and patiently entertained him while me and Rena binged. Ray was a handful and refused to eat, we all had to take turns distracting him with our phones and cameras so he would open his mouth and eat some rice!

The food was alright, a tad salty. Had myself some Japanese beer, think it was Asahi. Then it was back to our respective hotels, Joanne made plans to meet Rena and Flora tomorrow while I work, so at least she has some company while she sightsees!

Yesterday we arrived late in the evening. It was my first time on the A380, I found the flight pretty smooth.

We took the airport limousine bus to town, we were too late for the direct one to Daichi Hotel Tokyo, and took one that brought us close enough, to Imperial Hotel. From there we hopped on a cab to the hotel, it was only a couple of traffic lights away but the starting meter is 710 yen or about SGD 11.

After checking out the room (love the amenities provided and automated toilet bowl!), we went in search of food and ended up at a little restaurant beneath the train tracks opposite the hotel.

Ray was cranky from all that travel, Joanne and him have a love-hate relationship! One minute she's smacking him for misbehaving, the next she's sayanging him! LOL! Had some soba noodles and fried rice, food was too salty for my liking but it did its job.

Tomorrow is another day of work, and then I am on leave on Friday to sightsee and we depart on Saturday evening, giving us half a day to sightsee some more and shop.

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