July 14, 2011

A Taste of Tokyo (Day 3, 14 July 2011)

Uggh, I am sick. From out of nowhere I appear to have caught a flu bug, am all shivery with fever and my nose is dripping. Nat and Nick are sick at home too, so it must be linked.

Started off the day well enough, the event went smoothly...we got a number of leads. Had a simple lunch of teriyaki chicken and rice with my colleagues Reiko and Timothee, even tried konnyaku in a gel form, it was in my soup. Very rubbery and tasteless.

As the afternoon wore on, I felt cold and my head heavy but I stuck it out at the event nonetheless. My Japanese sales manager then invited the team to dinner and I felt it rude to decline so Nori-san, Wankyu, Timothee, Veronique and I went to a traditional tempura restaurant, near Nihombashi bridge.

Incidentally the bridge is the 0km point of Tokyo where distance is calculated, pity that it's covered by a highway overhead.

The dinner itself was an enjoyable affair, though I was freezing in the restaurant. There was just one cook and he prepared all the ingredients himself, dipping the seafood and vegetables in batter and deep-frying course by course, so it took quite a while to finish the meal.

I forgot to tell Nori I didn't eat unagi, and our appetizer was an eely concoction set in a soya-flavored jelly. I just ate the jelly!

The rest of the tempura dishes were safe for me, everything was fried to perfection and the batter was thin, unlike the flour-laden stuff we get here. Even tried a deep-fried fishbone that I at first thought was a seahorse!

I requested to take a photo with the chef after the meal, something to remember my experience by and then it was off into a cab so I could wallow in self pity in the room. Oooh, my nose...

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