July 17, 2011

A Taste of Tokyo (Day 5, 16 July 2011)

Am back in Singapore and a little zonked, having landed just before 3am this morning.

We had a good last day in Tokyo yesterday, spending the morning walking to the Tsukiji Market where all the seafood is traded daily, and as the Japanese eat a lot of fish, you can imagine how busy the market must be at its peak times.

We got there after all the major action had taken place though, most vendors were packing up. Still saw some fish and on the way out, I saw an edamame plant which I was excited about!

From the market, we walked to the nearby Hamarikyu Gardens but decided against paying the admission to go in and continued on in search of food. We ended up in a business area within Shiodome, and managed to find our way back to Shimbashi to eat some ramen.

First we had to purchase the tickets from the vending machines, that took a while to figure out though! The noodles were alright, I was feeling to gastricky to enjoy them.

Then we went back to the hotel to check out and after dumping our bags, we walked to Ginza to do last minute shopping. We split up so we could each do our own thing, I went to H&M, Zara and Uniqlo and picked up a bunch of stuff. On Saturdays, the main road is closed so it was converted to a large pedestrian walkway, which was nice.

Had a quick lunch at a restaurant called Ginza Lion around the corner from our hotel and then it was off to the airport. Picked up some boxes of Royce and Tokyo Banana, plus a gift from Muji for Nick and then here we are...home sweet home!

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