August 13, 2011

Cooling Off Day

Me and the boy caught a play today, pretty last minutely as I only bought tickets on a whim yesterday after reading a positive review.

The play was called 'Cooling Off Day' and is a portrayal of interviews conducted by the scriptwriter during the last General Elections.

Singapore is experiencing another kind of election-fever with the upcoming Presidential Elections and since the boy does some grassroots work, I thought he might be interested in the play, but I was wrong, it was wasted on him!

He has no appreciation for arty-farty stuff, it's all very pretentious to him, especially since the play was presented verbatim theatre-style.

I on the other hand enjoyed it for the most part, especially the spoof skit between a bakchor mee and Teochew-mui stall courtesy of a Mr Brown podcast re-enactment. There were some thought-provoking moments, with regards to ISA detentions and media bias but generally it was light-hearted and fairly objective.

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