August 29, 2011

Cowboy Nick comes home

The boy came home this morning and for once I received a gift I actually liked! And I wasn’t even expecting anything, so this brown Coach wristlet was a pleasant surprise. He was given an iPad over there so we have a new toy too.

The kids were mightily excited to see their daddy, Nat has been pretty well-behaved i.e. sleeping in her own bed, walking on her own etc while he was away but regressed to being a clingy koala bear the moment he stepped in, insisting she wants to sleep next to him, be carried etc.

And he lets her get away with it so he can only blame himself when at 3am in the morning she kicks him out of his own bed and he ends up on the sofa.

I made him a Laksa La Mian for lunch, courtesy of Prima. It was not too bad, but the noodles take ages to cook and I prefer chor bee hoon for my laksa.

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