August 21, 2011

Curry fever

Somehow it’s quite peaceful without Nick in town, he’s always on edge especially when the kids are around, keeping a constant watch on them and stressing himself unnecessarily that when he goes out of town, we all get some respite!

I know it’s mean of me to say that of him, but he seriously needs to loosen up a little. He’s gone to Arizona and will be visiting the Grand Canyon, lucky bum.

Me and Wendy had a quiet day at home, I baked Gingerbread men with Nat and I also whipped up a pot of curry as part of the movement ‘Cook and Share a Pot of Curry’ which evolved from a seemingly harmless article about mediation between neighbours that turned into a national debate about tolerance.

Essentially some local Indian family agreed not to cook curry when their PRC neighbours were in, they could not stand the smell. Most Singaporeans did not see why the Indian family had to compromise on cooking curry within their personal space, me included.

The in-laws and Dopes came over for dinner to share in my curry, Ma also made some mee goreng.

I bought a new smartphone on Friday, a HTC Salsa which cost me nothing with my contract renewal. Swana had to give me a tutorial on how to use it! Am so technologically-behind!

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