August 7, 2011

Dim Sum Dolly

Back to back dim sum lunches this weekend, must be my birthday or something! Oh wait, it IS my birthday week!

Attended mass in AMK today with Mildred and after that I suggested heading to Thomson Plaza. My main intention was to have the special fried bee hoon from the food court but Nick wasn't keen so I proposed Peach Garden instead.

I've been meaning to try them for a while, they get decent reviews and as it was early, we were shown a table immediately. Theirs was the kind where the waitresses push around trolleys so we could pick and choose what we wanted on sight.

The century egg porridge was really good but the polo buns at Wah Lok are nicer. And I have still yet to find better xiao long baos than Din Tai Fung.

Sasha entertained us by subjecting her food thermos and face towel to a round of Peekaboo, she must have thought she was a magician and basked in the attention we showered on her.

Nat is getting much better at feeding herself, less spills and that gives her confidence to want to do it more often.

Last night the 4 of us ventured to Ikea, Sasha went wild among the aisles and made herself comfy in the poster section. With no stroller and no maid, it was hard to keep them from touching things, but amazingly we didn't break anything.

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