August 12, 2011

Girl talk

Was supposed to meet Chris, Puni and Kannaki for dinner last night but because Nick had to spend a night in KL, I invited them over instead because I knew Mummy would nag if I went out and left my bubs, not to mention the logistics and lateness of bringing them home from Membina after dinner etc.

Kannaki tapau-ed Popeye's for everyone...mashed potato, mmmm,

Kevin dropped the kids off at about 8.30pm, the Dopes just got back from Myanmar in the afternoon. Nat was super shy as expected but Sasha was a bit more sociable, showing off her 'nemo' and vocabulary.

Puni was glowing I feel, nothing beats the radiance of a mum-to-be! Yup, she's preggers and so are a few other good friends so a baby boom is coming!

Wendy helped me put the kids to bed so I could play host, not that I was any good at it. They stayed and chatted till 2am, nothing like a good catch-up over session of gossip and girl talk. Vig, you were missed!

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