August 24, 2011

Happy birthday Swana!

The darling sister turned 35 today and it called for a celebration or two. There were impromptu drinks at No.5 last night with the cousin gang followed by a family celebration at Membina this evening.

I should have felt guilty leaving Nat behind when she was sick, brought her to the doctor before heading to Emerald Hilll but I didn’t. The clinic was super packed and we waited more than an hr for our turn.

She screamed the house down when the doc tried to get a nasal swab to check if she had the same Type A flu as Gigi. It wore down my patience trying to calm her down while waiting for the results...on an empty stomach too. Anyway the results were negative but I’m not sure if enough sample was collected.

As soon as we ate some dinner, I was out of the house with Kevin and Swana. It was a good turnout despite being a Tuesday night, Ajen even relented to leave Diya with his MIL for the first time after our jibing in Bintan.

Copious amounts of alcohol was consumed, especially by the birthday girl. Germaine and Ginny happened to come to No.5 that evening with their friends and bought Swana additional drinks. Before we left, we went to check out Ajen’s new toy...nice!

For this evening’s family celebration, I bought a champagne cake from Swiss Bake and Ma made thosai. Swana’s in-laws also came over and me and the girls spent a second night at Membina.
Gigi and Nat were quick to blow the candles, next up is Gigi’s turn!

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