August 1, 2011

Jeju, Korea (Day 1, 1 Aug)

Never been a fan of Korea, mainly because of the cuisine, but here I am in Jeju for a whirlwind site inspection! 28hrs here from arrival to departure!

We are planning a customer event for the end of September and our colleagues in China suggested having it here and of course we couldn't plan properly without visiting it for ourselves! Am here with my boss Phil, and Germaine who has been appointed to handle the logistics.

We took a red-eye flight last night via Shanghai and stopped over for several hours this morning before boarding a China Eastern flight to Jeju, as the domestic flights from Seoul were all fully booked, it being the peak of the summer holidays.

It's a pity I didn't get to leave the Pudong airport, always wanted to visit Shanghai for the shopping but it would have been too rushed to do anything. I got a kick out of the funny mangled English signs and had a moment of panic too when Germaine was late in boarding the Jeju flight.

At the Jeju airport, we were met by a driver from the Lotte Hotel where we are spending the night and upon reaching the hotel, we dived straight into our site inspection of the property, it's one of 3 being considered.

The hotel staff were certainly very hospitable and the guest rooms are large and spacious, though the ballrooms a little old-fashioned.

Next was the Hyatt Regency a few hundred metres away, we were shown around by one of the concierge staff. Guest rooms were smaller than Lotte and showing signs of age but they did have a nice lawn facing the sea, and their function space was more modern.

We stayed on to sample some food at their outdoor deck, sharing a surf and turf grilled steak with prawns. Yum!

Then it was back to Lotte to experience their daily poolside volcano show plus buffet dinner. It was large spread, there was even abalone and snow crab. The show felt like something you would see at Haw Par Villa, could feel the heat from the flames of the volcano from where we were sitting, it was pretty hot!

It's been a long day and we are all knackered...g'nite!

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