August 3, 2011

M is for ... birthday and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

In honour of my birthday, the boy and I had dinner at The Lighthouse, Fullerton Hotel. Another restaurant I can check off my list!

Slept in and went to work in the afternoon after dropping the kids at Membina. I carried one of the new Prada bags from Montevarchi and wore my DVF Lune dress in Orientalist Diamonds, had to suck in my stomach the whole evening!

He picked me up after work and we parked at One Fullerton. Unfortunately our reservation was too last minute to secure window seats, but I could still enjoy the view somewhat.

I ketuk-ed him by ordering the $138 degustation menu comprising:

- Amuse bouche
- Coffee-spiced dusted goose liver with bitter cocoa scented apple puree, fine herbs salad and sambuca sauce
- Milk and fennel soup with crispy pork belly and pomegranate
- Risotto cooked in capon consommé, with fresh thyme and caramelised shallots
- Adriatic style cod in ‘brodetto’ sauce and seasonal vegetables
- Seared green apple, caramel soil and cinnamon ice cream

It was topped off with coffee and some petit fours and the restaurant provided a complimentary birthday tiramisu. I liked the risotto the best, tasted like rice in a rich French onion soup! The goose liver was wasted on me, I started feeling ‘geli’ after a couple of bites but forced myself to eat as much as I could.

He had a green pea soup and they replaced his mullet with prawns and gave him some pancetta on the side. For his main, he had a fettuccine with bolognaise sauce. It was not too bad, but he proclaimed to the waiter that my bolognaise sauce was better!

We took a walk along One Fullerton after dinner, I experimented with the shutter speed on my camera to capture a less grainy night scene. With no tripod, I had to be super still.

I brought him to Level 33, I had a corny wish to celebrate my 33rd birthday on the 33rd floor. Treated myself to a Kir Royale and he had a Bailey’s on the rocks. Don’t think he enjoyed himself too much though, we were distracted by the loud rantings of the SPG next door and called it a night after one drink.

So here I am, another year older, but probably not any wiser!

All things considered, I think 32 was a pretty good year for me. Work is good, a new boss came in and he's much more hands on and approachable. Plus there's been a couple of recent work trips to places I've never been which is a bonus.

The kids are well and growing and never fail to amuse. They look after each other and are not unmanageably naughty so we're not as harassed as other parents. Or rather, I'm not harassed but Nick is a perpetual kancheong spider.

The marriage is still going strong after 8 years, we get on each other's nerves more especially when it comes to parenting styles but at the end of the day we know the other will always be there.

The main highlight of 32 has got to be the trips made. From going to Perth to see U2, to winning a trip to the Maldives and exploring Italy with mummy plus Tokyo and Jeju, my 31st birthday wish for more travel was granted, so I am grateful.

For the coming year, I wish for more of the same but there is a dark cloud looming on the economic front so time to tighten belts and be prudent, a word that has never been in my dictionary! If I can go on 2 flights exceeding 4hrs per way this year and excluding Jeju, I would be a happy clam.

Hopefully I can accumulate enough miles to at least redeem a flight to Hong Kong or something!

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