August 9, 2011

Majulah Singapura

Today marked Singapore's 46th birthday as an independent nation, so happy birthday Singapore!

As much as we complain about the lack of democracy, the high cost of living, the influx of foreigners and the stressful education system, I think the pros of being a Singaporean outweigh the cons. Every time I travel, I certainly feel there's no place like home.

Spent the morning with Sasha while Nick brought Nat out to Vivo to buy toys. Sasha is fascinated with the new pet fish we have, she calls them 'nemo'. I keep telling her they're called fish!

We went over to Komathi's place for a late lunch, Aunty Sabrina is in town. Nat was scared of the dog Ashley, and became braver only just when we were leaving. Sasha was fine with the dog and had a ball playing with Mika.

For some reason, so many of us were dressed in purple when we should have been wearing red. Here's me and Anju in purple tops and denim shorts!

Mildred came over in the afternoon and as usual had an opinion on something. She bought a new pail to bathe Sasha the old-fashioned way instead of using the shower head, claims our heater setting at number 1 is too cold and that she will catch a chill. (Even though she's been bathing in the shower for the past 4 months with no side effects!).

She also didn't think it right to give Sasha a whole bottle of Yakult, that it wasn't safe. (It is safe for toddlers, I googled. Besides, after her bout of diarrhea I wanted to give her good bacteria not from a packet, and just for a few days to settle her stomach.)

Anyway, she and Nick now think Wendy is rebellious because she did not follow her instructions. (My fault, I vetoed. Sigh.)

On a separate note, thanks to Uncle Ben and Aunty Nana's gadgets, Nat knows what Angry Birds is and the other day asked why the SingTel reseller shop we were in didn't have an iPad for her to buy and play the game! Here's her Angry Bird face!

Whilst we were watching the NDP parade and flags flying past our window, she claimed she wanted to see the fireworks in person so at the last minute, Nick and I brought her to a carpark at SGH to catch some of the action, we didn't want to grapple with the crowds at Marina.

She was happy enough to see the tops of some of the skyscrapers 'explode', and so was I!

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