August 6, 2011

Royal feast

I love birthdays, don’t you?

The festivities continued today with a JGR lunch at Royal China, Raffles Hotel. Another restaurant on my ‘have-to-try-at-some-point’ list, we met for dim sum and had a special guest in Joshua.

I fell in love with the interior as soon I stepped in. Very modern Chinese and instead of the usual reds and golds, it was a soothing pale teal.

We had an assortment of dishes - almond coated seafood balls, deep fried spare ribs, braised beancurd skin rolls and scallop dumplings etc. Also tried a steamed bun filled with salted egg yolk and mango which was savoury and sweet at the same time.

Rena brought a Polaroid camera along and we took individual shots. I’m going to give mine to Nick and ensure he puts it in his wallet!

I got a Mapletree shopping voucher which allows me to splurge at Vivo and after lunch we posed for a group photo outside the restaurant. As I put my camera on timer to take multiple shots, the silly girls hammed it up!

Love you guys and thanks for the lovely lunch!

A couple of days ago, I met up with some of the SingTel folks at City Golf. The original plan was to go to 1-Altitude but the rooftop bar was closed due to rain.

There was me, Jeannie, Desmond, Crispian, Hong Wei and special guest Choon Hon whom we had not seen for a while.

Crispian and Choon Hon left early though so the rest adjourned to a nearby TCC for dessert. Desmond’s face lit up at the mention of cake, it was quite funny. I think he’s more into sweet stuff than Kevin!

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