August 1, 2011

Teething bites!

Poor Pumpkin’s had a terrible time teething of late, waking up in the middle of night and screaming her head off whenever a tooth’s about to erupt.

There have been about 3 episodes this past month already, the first time she cried for almost 45 mins at an ungodly hour, sobbing till she was breathless before we figured out what was wrong and the Bonjela kicked in.

She has about 8-10 teeth now, can’t tell properly because she won’t open her mouth long enough.

She calls for me in the middle of the night sometimes, tossing and turning and saying ‘Mummy’. If I feed her and try to put her back in her playpen, she stiffens up and refuses to be put down so I let her sleep next to me till she’s in a deeper sleep before transferring.

For the last week she’s been having diarrhoea, no doubt due to some rotavirus and for some reason, we didn’t immunise her against it when she was eligible and now it’s too late.

But it’s been persistent despite switching formulas for a while and I suspect she may be suffering from lactose intolerance and doesn’t agree with the Pediasure.

At 16 months, she’s running, trying to jump with a fair bit of success and able to step down from the balcony. When you ask her to dance, she raises her hands and twirls around, imitating the ballerina in one of her books.

Before her gastroenteritis, she weighed just over 10kg but has lost a few hundred grams since.

She can meow, moo, chirp, woof and snort when you ask her to make various animal noises. She scrunches up her face for ‘funny face’, and points and says ‘there’ when you ask her where certain object are e.g. clock and can point to herself and say ‘me’.

She says ‘owl’ pretty clearly, she calls fish ‘Nemo’, she can point to most of her body parts but she just can’t sit still except when eating in the high chair or in her car seat. She calls her pacifier ‘mine’.

She likes to shout when she calls someone, she doesn’t speak gently. And when she doesn’t get her way, she huffs and walks away. She’s constantly trying to climb the railing on Nat’s bed and I keep telling her ‘no’, to which she repeats and shouts the ‘no’ and storms off.

At 3.5yrs, Nat is about 13 kg and half my height. She is less afraid of school, but has missed a lot of days because of various ailments.

She’s been having diarrhoea too along with Sasha.

She can’t read or write yet, no biggie to me. She loves to repeat the same ‘model’ pose whenever you train the camera on her and has started calling herself a koala because we’ve repeated it more than enough whenever she doesn’t walk.

She still doesn’t sleep in her own bed, maybe 1 or 2 days out of a month!

She is definitely insecure and very shy, need to boost her confidence and make her more self-assured around new people, although she has her diva moments.

She's very loving towards Sasha and is very protective of her, even crying when Sasha cries...she cries when Gigi cries too!

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