September 10, 2011

Flea fie fo fum

The resident's committee organised a neighbourhood flea market this weekend and I managed to secure myself a stall.

At $5 I didn't have much to lose but I didn't sort my stuff out till the last minute and I have to say I could have done a lot better if my display had been more inviting. I had low expectations, anything above $5o bucks would be a bonus and I was counting on the Filipino residents to appreciate my clothes, bags and shoes, and they did to a certain extent.

Things started really slow, I was resigned to not selling anything at all in the beginning but it picked up from lunchtime. Some fellow stallholders commented I had nice things but I think my prices were considered high. But a lot of my stuff were either brand new or hardly used so I think my prices were justified.

Some bargain hunters recognised quality when they saw it, snatching up a Coach small hobo for $30 and then asking me whether I had more of the same. I offered to bring another Coach bag from home for an interested party and sold it to her for $90 later in the day. Swana came to visit and brought a couple of bags of her own, and found a buyer for a large Coach tote, it was a steal for him at just $1o0, considering she paid over 400 USD for the bag and only carried it a couple of times.

I also sold a small Christian Dior bag for a ridiculous $20, something I bought on eBay and never used because it was a little worn out. In the end I made over $250, not bad for 5 hours work! Got to meet and interact with some of the neighbours too so overall it was a good event, and I hope they do it again because I have more stuff to get rid!

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