September 12, 2011

H&M is finally here!

Now I don't have to seek out H&Ms when overseas, we have our own store finally! It opened on 3rd September and I wanted to wait till the crowds died down before checking it out for myself.

Made an attempt yesterday, Sham had rented a car for the weekend and she, me and Swana went to town for tea, parking ourselves at Oriole Cafe nearby (the chocolate cake was to die for!) but there was a queue to enter the store and we had limited time so I gave up.

Couldn't stand the suspense for long though and ventured during lunch time today. No queue to enter but the fitting rooms and cashiers had long queues. I 'die die' had to buy something and ended up with some undies for Nat and a silver tee for me.

Prices for some items appear to be cheaper than even Europe, there was a maxi dress I remember seeing in Italy for 59 euros at least, and around $120 in Tokyo but here it was 79 SGD. Can't wait to go back and browse properly!

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