September 25, 2011

Jeju-ing (Day 2, Sep 25)

Phyllis arrived last night and we met for breakfast this morning. Had some free time so we wandered over to the next door Shilla Hotel for a bit, their grounds were really nice. There were pink wildflowers growing on a patch overlooking the sea, very pretty.

Had a meeting with the hotel sales person Daniel to run over our final requirements, we booked dinner for Tuesday night and cancelled Mint officially. Spent the afternoon tying ribbons onto our guardian statues and there was a gorgeous sunset today, love the view from my room!

Met with Phil, Germaine and Daniel from Hyatt in the evening for a food tasting session for our Day 2 canapes. Was full from the canapes so I skipped dinner. Spent the evening running through updated rooming lists and re-printing agendas and packing welcome kits. Tomorrow we open our registration counter.

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