September 27, 2011

Jeju-ing (Day 3, Sep 26)

It's been a long still up sorting seating arrangements for dinner tomorrow night.

Stocked up at breakfast, today we opened registration and there was a steady stream of arrivals at the hotel. Had to tend to some last minute requests from Chinese customers and staff to provide hotel confirmation letters as they were departing their airports, so we just made our own!

The translators arrived today and Phil held meetings with them, along with some of our presenters. I hovered at registration mainly, and prepared our survey forms.

In the afternoon, there was another round of food tasting, this time for the gala dinner. We went with safe dishes, a scallop and prawn appetizer, pumpkin soup, pasta course, grilled chicken and chocolate orange cake. Everything was yummy, though the cake could afford to be a bit more moist. The vegetarian main course was a stuffed puff pastry, very nice!

Most of our colleagues arrived today and I had to catch my MD to run through the dinner seating plan. All the surrounding food places were closed so we ended up meeting a few guys at a nearby 7-11 for cup noodles! It was freezing out there, temperature must have been about 18 degrees or less.

I got a gist of how he wanted the seating done and am still awake now trying to sort through it, it has to be ready by tomorrow for vetting! My eyes are so bleary from squinting at my tiny fonts on the printouts!

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