September 27, 2011

Jeju-ing (Day 4, Sep 27)

Yay, Day1 of the event is over and by all accounts it's been a success so far.

Things pretty much ran smoothly today, we kicked off with a staff briefing in the morning and the event proper only started at 11 am. Our EVP arrived in time to deliver his opening address, providing an update on Misys followed by a few other plenary presentations before breaking out into solution streams.

There was a big lunch buffet spread but I didn't get to enjoy it much, having been called back to attend to something. Managed to check on the birthday cake we ordered, Hyatt pulled through for us even though it was something we requested only 2 days ago.

Spent the afternoon scrambling to prepare games for dinner and finalise the seating plan and by some miracle, it was approved wholesale save for 1 swop. Phew!

In the evening we had a cocktail reception by the poolside, everyone was in a relaxed mood and I even had time for a quick shower and change. Phyllis helped to place the customized tent cards and before we knew it, guests were streaming into the ballroom and it took a while to get everybody to the right tables.

But once the programme started, it was quite straightforward. No one would have guessed we planned the whole thing in 2 days, things ran smoothly and our emcee Alex just winged it like a pro. People had fun during the games, we had a pop quiz and scavenger hunt plus 2 sets from the in-house Filipino band.

There were copious amounts of alcohol consumed, my MD and Alex went around like a wedding couple toasting every table and they got pretty high. By the time the cake-cutting came around, everyone was in high spirits.

In between I managed to eat in the secretariat, the thoughtful staff at Hyatt set up a dining table smack in the middle of our 'command centre', complete with wine and all the necessary cutlery!

After the event, some senior staff started fooling around on stage, trying to pretend to be the Wonder Girls and lip-synching into mikes. It was hilarious and I have blackmail-worthy footage, LOL! They were effusive in their thanks, thinking that everything went well and very touchy-feely with their hugs. Phil even got 'molested' by Alex a few times!

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