September 28, 2011

Jeju-ing (Day 5, Sep 28)

My joy was short-lived. After the high of yesterday, attendance at today's sessions plummeted by some 70 percent I think, thanks to the customers deciding to skip the conference and blatantly go sightseeing instead!

The main culprits were the Chinese, their absence was conspicuous. But there was nothing much we could do about it, I felt sorry for the presenters who had flown all the way and spent time preparing their material only to present to a handful of people.

Actually the Summit and Sophis attendance was still okay because they had other nationalities, it was just the Opics stream that had a high Chinese registration.

With things relatively slow and running on auto-pilot, Phyllis and I had a chance to go over to the Lotte Hotel and check out their duty free. Was tempted by bags from Tods and Prada but decided to be good.

There was a mix-up during lunch, the hotel cleared the buffet even though a number of staff and crew had not eaten so they compensated by offering us lunch at the Terrace Cafe. Germaine and a few others took advantage of their mistake by having expensive set meals, I opted for just a king prawn main course. It was really yummy!

It was a windy day and before we knew it, the event drew to a conclusion and it was time for a closing cocktail session. Some 'tourist' customers made an appearance after their day of sightseeing, shamelessly coming for the free food. Tsk tsk.

I've been distracted by my colleague's Tiffany Legacy ring the past few days and asked for permission to try it and she didn't mind. Sigh, this is my dream ring...

After we settled things for the night and packed up, Phyllis and I went out with Germaine and her crew to the nearby Gecko's, an American-style bar for a late dinner and some drinks.

Bumped into a customer there, Ranu from Papua New Guinea and he joined our group and later on played pool with Germaine. Some weird Korean guy looked like he was trying to pick him up at one point and our impatient cab driver nearly drove off as Ranu tried to fend of the attention!

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