September 29, 2011

Jeju-ing (Day 6, Sep 29)

With the event over and the main purpose of today to oversee departures, we had free time on our hands after Phil volunteered to stay behind.

Phyllis, Germaine and I shared a cab to sightsee for half a day. It rained a bit in the morning but it cleared up by the time we arrived at our first stop, the Jeju Glass Castle. It was a bunch of tacky glass sculptures and figurines, nothing spectacular.

Next we headed to the Yongmeori Coast where we tried to look for Haenyo divers but the water was too choppy for them to dive and there were none in sight. We did pull over to take in the rugged seascape, posing for pictures with Mt Sanbangsan in the distance before we went to the mountain itself.

There was a Buddhist temple there and we went in for a while. The weather was lovely, sunny but cool. After exploring the surrounding area, including a nearby smoke stack, we headed to a local shop to try and find the dried fish that Germaine and Phyllis tried at one of our Hyatt food tastings. There was only a couple of boxes of this dried tilefish and the gals snapped them up.

Last stop was the International Convention Centre where there is supposedly some shopping available. There was a duty free store and Germaine attempted to buy some Diesel watches but to cut a long story short, she cancelled the transaction in the end when she realised she had to pick up the goods at the airport, something she wasn't willing to do.

I bought myself a Kraze burger and some Baskin Robbins, ate the burger in the comfort of my room. Germaine departed in the afternoon and we hooked up with Phil, Boon Huat, Wee Ngee, Wai Leng and Phyllis' Aunty Judy to continue sightseeing.

We hired two cabs to bring us to the Manjanggul Lava Cave, it was over an hour's ride away. As we descended the steps, the temperatures dropped, it was around 16 degrees I think, luckily I had a sweater.

Nothing much to see or do except trek through what is supposedly the longest lava tube flow in the world.

Next stop was Seongsan Ilchulbong or Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater rising out of the sea and a Unesco World Heritage Site. Unfortunately the weather had turned cloudy and misty so the place looked a little dull. Some of the others attempted to go to the peak while Phyllis, Aunty Judy and I stayed down to cam-whore.

For dinner, we headed to Mint. I was a bit hesitant about showing my face there but thankfully no one recognised me and Phil, although service wasn't that great. At first, one of the managers refused to join tables to accommodate our group of 7, insisting we split up even though there were lots of empty tables, just not one big enough and they were too rigid to join.

My boss was prepared to walk out but the guy finally relented and added more settings to a large table that was set for 4.

I had a half lobster and beef tenderloin, I think I've eaten way too much on this trip!

Last stop was Gecko's for drinks. I stuck with my one glass of white wine sangria all night while the guys knocked back Jaeger bombs. Phyllis joined the guys for some pool, she claimed she didn't really know how to play, but her actions proved otherwise!

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