September 1, 2011

Sassy Sasha

Sometimes I feel Sasha is older than 17 months because I find her quite smart and advanced for her age but that’s probably the result of having Nat and Gigi around to play with.

She’s taken to saying ‘mabuk’ whenever she falls down plus beating the floor, when she pirouettes she says ‘nina’ – short for ballerina, she can articulate when she wants something i.e. ‘I want’, ‘No want’, ‘Mine’. She also says ‘No more’, pulls my blouse and looks in and says ‘boobies’.

She can say ‘sticker’, ‘ohpopus’ (octopus), ‘diamond’, ‘square’ and a few other 3 syllable words like ‘triangle’, ‘rectangle’. Sometimes she babbles ‘Abi-amu’, and for a while I couldn’t figure what she meant, until someone pointed out it was for ‘Abby’ and ‘Elmo’, she says it so fast.

Ask her what colour something is and her answer is ‘pink’. Everything is pink!

She’s getting better at her shape sorter, finding the correct slots on her own. She’s been trying to dress herself, pulling down her shorts and trying to put it back on again.

When she wants to complain about Nat bullying her, her tone changes to a whine and she pouts and calls out Nat-nat in a distressed tone and looks to an adult for help.

She’s pleased with herself that she can jump, she drools incessantly. She can recognise Mummy’s block, she calls Kevin ‘gappa’ for Godpa, she’s quite attached to Wendy, she’s been coughing a lot the past few days, non-stop falling sick these bubbas!

Nat is 3yrs 7months, and has a tiny tiny mole growing above her lip, like mother like daughter! She’s sleeping more in her own bed, especially while Nick was easing off the diapers during naptime and when we go out to places with decent bathrooms and the plan is to go diaperless to school when term starts.

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